Transcending Neoliberalism. Community-Based Development in Latin America

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Edited by Henry Veltmeyer, Anthony O’Malley, Kumarian Press, May 2001

Transcending Neoliberalism examines the role of community, participation, decentralization, and empowering social movements in the quest for equitable development in Latin America. Over the past two decades, in the context of an epoch-defining process of globalization, a form of development has emerged that moves beyond the neoliberal focus on both market and state–one that reaches back for ideas into communities that have been created within rural and urban societies of developing and developed areas.

Table of Contents:

1) The Quest for Another Development – Henry Veltmeyer; 2) The Dynamics of Community and Class – Henry Veltmeyer; 3) Decentralization & Local Development – Henry Veltmeyer; 4) The State & Participatory Development in Bolivia – Henry Veltmeyer and Juan Tellez; 5) Poverty & Local Development in the Bio-Bio Region of Chile – Eduardo Aquevedo Soto; 6) NGOs & the Discourse of Participatory Development in Costa Rica – Laura Macdonald; 7) Community Economic Development in El Salvador – Alquiles Montoya; 8) Neoliberalism & Sustainable Popular Development – David Barkin; 9) The Prospects for Community-Based Development – Anthony O’Malley